Types of Courses After 10th

Types of Courses After 10th

Completing the tenth grade board exams are a big relief, aren’t they?

Just like every other 10th grader (oops, already passed), you must be confused which career path to choose and which course would bring you great success in future.

You must have huge dreams on how you want to live in life and for that you need to plan and act accordingly. Before we tell you on what courses you can choose after the completion of your 10th grade, here are some friendly tips to keep in mind before finalizing your dream course.

  • Deciding a course after 10th is one big herculean task. You should make sure your course is evergreen, doesn’t lose its spark in the future and it teaches you things.
  • Make sure you research very well. After the board exams, you’ll have around two months of holidays. Don’t waste them away doing nothing. Join a sport, sketch, write, sing or dance and don’t forget the most important part, research. Research well about the course you want take.
  • Hey, remember that school senior of yours who is now in some really good college? Yes, talk to your seniors and elders about the courses. Yes, their opinion does matter but the final decision is going to be yours.
  • Just question yourself one thing. Will this course matter to me in 5 years? Well, if it does, then go ahead and look out for those kind of courses.
  • Attend different education seminars near you. Someone experienced can tell you about the different courses on board and may also explain you the future prospects of them. After all, career planning is not that easy.
  • Always have a plan B. Don’t lose out your heart if you haven’t gotten into your desired stream or course. Always have another alternative course you would like to pursue. Sometimes, the odds aren’t in our favor.

Here are some courses you can take after your completion of 10th grade. The most popular one is of course the science stream but a lot of students are now more open minded than ever and are choosing the vocational courses to chase their dreams.

Career planning is must for a successful career. To get a strong foundation for higher studies like graduation and post-graduation, a good option after 10th is studying Pre-University Course (PUC). The selection of streams depends on keen interest in the subject.


The first kind of course is the PUC, i.e., Pre University Course:-

There are three kinds of streams available in the Pre University course. You have science which is the most favored, then commerce which is usually for students who are interested in dealing accounts and learning about taxes and all. You’ll also have Arts courses which will lead you to the paths of journalism, psychology, fine arts etc.

Types of Courses After 10th

The three streams are:

  1. Commerce
  2. Science
  3. Arts


Commerce stream is the gateway that might lead to some of the best careers in the world. They lead to some of the professional careers like Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, and others.

B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce) course is the most preferred course after taking the commerce stream. This is basically a 3-year undergraduate degree and is like a foundation course.This 3 years long undergraduate Degree program.  After the completion of the B. Com course, you can go into various fields like different professional careers and other specializations.

The Commerce stream is so much diverse a lot of students choose this stream. It teaches you various subjects like:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Economics
  3. Business law or business study

You can go for further courses like B. Com, BBA, CA, BMS, CFA that is Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner.Commerce is a good stream for those who have keen sense of analyzing things well and coming up with strategies.



 As mentioned earlier, Science is the most sought out course after 10th. There is one specialty of the Science stream. You can jump into any career after taking the Science stream. After 12th if you feel that science isn’t for you, you can take courses like BBA and others like arts.  Science stream is also a door for many medical and engineering options.  There also so many options where you can choose from after taking the science stream.

You have Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Computer Science and Mathematics of course.


Arts stream is like one of the coolest streams ever. You get to become all those things you have dreamed of as a kid. Also you can go into History, Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Journalism, Fine arts and many more.

You can go into teaching, Journalism, RJ, archeology and many other fields. One thing about Arts is they are totally worth the struggle and time. Many students would take arts to pursue their dreams and they are totally determined to reach the top.

Always take advice from counsellors and elders to choose a course. It will help you make decisions more effectively and better. After all, your whole life is about to change when you take the course. SO make sure you make the right decision and if you have decided then stick to it.

Diploma in Engineering Courses:-

 Well, this was a very famous course way back when our parents were studying. Diploma is a three year course where you do right after your 10th grade and if you want to pursue higher studies, you then take a lateral entry to the college for under graduation.

Some of the most common diplomas are:

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma in Textile Engineering


ITI Courses:-

 ITI is the abbreviation of Industrial Training institute. They offer courses where they aim to develop the industrial skills in the students. They mostly offer trainings which are job oriented.

ITI is very useful if someone wants to take up a job in the industry right after their training. The ITI is usually for 1 to 2 years long. Given below are some of the trainings offered in our country.

  • ITI Electrician course
  • ITI Welder course and Plumber

There are other courses like Polytechnic and some others which offer jobs quickly. Some of the courses are Diploma in Hardware and Networking, Paramedical courses. Other than these you have a few other courses like certificate in web designing and others.

So, there are a handful of options to choose from. So choose the right one and make your life beautiful.Please subscribe us for more articles and read our other posts also.

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