7 Quick And Easy SEO Tips For SEO Beginners

When it comes about SEO, you have to be very specific & defined about your website goals & audience reach. If you are in the initial stage of learning SEO tactics & trick, then sure this article is for you. Here we will share, all those Valuable advice required by SEO beginners. Even if you are SEO beginner, it’s not required to tell the importance of SEO for a website, so quickly we will jump to basic 7 valuable pieces of advice for SEO beginners.

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1.Working with Keywords for articles

Whether you are writing a blog, article or any product description for your website, make sure to use proper keywords, create an Adwords account & use Google Keyword Planner, choose right keyword for your business, because only they will lead right visitors to your website. Research the Competition and prepare your content accordingly. Write interesting content & attract your potential visitors to your website. Place keywords in your content for maximum used by SEO. Install some SEO plug-in for your content so that readability & SEO of your content show the good score. For example, if you are on WordPress, you can use Yoast SEO for your content keywords optimisation. Use keywords in title, header, paragraphs, meta description and for Alt tag of images.

2. Insert internal, external links & Backlinks

There are two types of linking content to each other, one is internal linking & another is external linking. It is valuable advice for SEO beginner to interlinking blogs, articles & products link if you have an e-commerce website. If you have just started updating your site with content, make sure to add interlinks and update old blogs with new content links. Same goes for External links and we suggest building back links. Backlinks are a good ranking factor for Google SERP. Use social media sharing link on your sites, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter links. Use back links are the base for increasing SEO good score.

3. Using white hat instead of the black hat

You must be thinking about what these terms are: White hat & black hat. If some company offers you to rank your website on Google’s first ranking page in no time. They are making false promises as there is not a shortcut to gain a very competitive edge in Google Ranking. You have to keep in mind all factors that contribute to get high page ranking in Google. Black hat techniques will include irrelevant content, extra stuffed keywords, links from other sites without any relevancy or too many redirections to another website. These techniques are crappy & Google can punish your website if you are trying to make your website SEO first page ranked overnight as mentioned above, there is no shortcut. You will have to use white hat techniques like totally relevant content, content without grammatical errors, only relevant links to other websites, alt tag labelled images. So we recommend to SEO beginners this valuable advice to not fall in a trap of using black hat content.

4. Page Titles, Description & Meta description

Page titles, description & meta description plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. It’s great & valuable advice for SEO beginners to follow as this is one of the factors to determine your Google search result page ranking. Each page must have a nice title. Page’s description shall be clear & focused so that in one look anyone can get an idea what the page is actually about. Homepage must have Companies or website name title. Use Meta Description with a focused keyword, that particular page belongs to specific category content. For, in search results, visitors get meta description below the title of the page which can actually lead the customer to visit your site if he/she founds that content interesting.

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5. Page loading Speed optimization

In Search engine optimization, Page speed matters a lot. If your webpage loads really very slow, it can be a very likely reason for your increased bounce rate of the website. Whether you are the owner of an e-commerce website or blog, here is very valuable SEO advice that you must go for your website pages speed optimization. Sometimes the biggest reason for WebPages loading slower is used High-resolution images, For reducing webpage loading time, use Page speed insights or other responsiveness checking websites or tools to check how many & which images are needed to be compressed. There are many websites available to measure site performance & give you clear stats where your website is lagging behind as Pingdom Website speed test; Page Speed Insights gives clear picture by monitoring your website & helps in reducing webpage loading time. Use Compress JPg site to reduce images size without losing the quality of your pictures.

6. Make your website Mobile friendly

This is the era of mobile phones, iPods & laptops, rather than on searching with desktop, most of the people prefer searching on Mobile or tablet. In this term, if your website is not mobile friendly, then you are in loss of almost half of your potential website visitors. This valuable SEO advice will give you mastery in SEO. Before 2015 April, a search result for mobile search & desktop search was same, but as Google Algorithm updates time to time, here is an aspect to keep in mind while doing SEO. Is my site mobile friendly, if not what is the measure to do so, will it be cost effective? Because in Mobile search Google shows mobile-friendly websites first in SERP as per Google’s more than 200 ranking factors. But if your website is not mobile friendly, there is a chance to lose area to showcase your website. Yet there is another option for this Mobilegeddon update, with help of Google Webmaster guidelines, you can you can get the mobile-friendly website of 5-6 pages. It is cost effective & affordable.

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7. Using Keywords in SEO optimised blog

Stuffing a keyword all over just to get traffic while not providing so service, can get you penalised by Google, but placing keywords in right manners in articles, blogs & descriptions can lead you to get better SEO of your website. Use it in title, headings, paragraphs, to get the best keywords for your website, do keyword research online for keywords that suit best to your business.

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