Voice recording apps are efficient productivity tools that allow the mobile users to record their thoughts for later retrieval. These apps also allow the user to record phone conversations and create professional audio files. A few such apps are given below:

Voice Recorder

Voice recorder is a free, full-featured and easy to use app for android. This app provides high quality recording without any time limit. It includes four different audio format MP3, high quality PCM, good quality AAC and AMR to save space, beside this it includes features like: live audio spectrum analyser, customizable recording folder, selectable audio source, etc.


Cuememo is a simple voice recording app and easy to deal with. Beside recording you can also share and upload your recording directly by the help of this app.

Easy Voice Recorder

This app is your everyday companion as you can capture meetings, personal notes, classes, songs and many more without any time bound. You can record in PCM and MP4 and if you want save space you can also use AMR. It also supports Android wear support and it also contains dark and light themes and many other cool features.

Voice Recorder

This is a smart sound recording app that can record and save high quality audio. With this app user can instantly record, save and play audio and voice notes in high quality.

Audio Recorder

This app is simple UI, instant start and easy to use with features like: HD audio recording, simple user interface, supported operations in version, etc.

Phillips Voice Recorder

This app offers first class recording quality, professional functions such as inserting or cutting sequence, and an intuitive operation. Recordings from this voice recording app can be easily shared via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


Smart Sound Recorder

This app is designed for high-quality long-time voice recording. This sound recorder is a simple fun and easy to use.

Call & Voice Recorder

This is the best app for recording voice and call. Not only it record phone calls it also identify the callers with an intelligent built-in caller ID feature.

Schedule Voice Recorder

This app is the only voice recorder in the capability to preschedule recording for the future. It is smart and easy.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

This voice recording app takes mobile sound recording to the next level. Feature-packed and loaded with customization options, and with high-fidelity 44KHz audio sampling, it’s miles ahead of any standard recording app.

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