What is career? Basic Career Quiz for Introspection

Life revolves around your work, yes, it is a fundamental part of your living. Having the most suitable occupation can help you lead a happy and satisfied life. There is a saying that if your work is your passion, then you do not work a single day of your life. How true it is, because when you love what you do, there is no workload and no work stress!

Therefore, choosing a career is a very crucial decision of life which must be taken at a very young age before selecting subjects for your undergraduate degree. The stream selected for your twelve, pave the direction for your career. Hence, choosing your career is foremost before you select your subject and your course. Having said this, high school is the best time to introspect to find your answers.

However, it is sad you know very little about yourself.  As students with nascent thinking, you identify yourself through the eyes and words of your close friends and family members. The rest of your KYC is dependent on the test scores and overview of your teachers. Self-discovery without any fear of judgement can be best route for evaluating your personality, orientation style and your interests. These “who, what, why” questions are very essential to checkout your personality type for the first step in self-evaluation.

This quiz might help. Each statement is either true or false, and the answers are listed below. Studying the information here might help students in making the right decision.

What is career? The Statements

  1. “Your occupation is your parent’s dream”
  2. “Your career choice is the success story of your senior”
  3. “Career is based on your preferred job title and the pay check”
  4. “You profession is your hobby”
  5. “Your vocation is based on the subject with the highest score”

The answers

  1. False. Parents play a major role in making decisions in the child’s life because they know their child better than anyone else. However, no two people are same. Although your genes play a major role in defining you, however, even twins do not share similar personalities. This is how the Almighty has chosen to create us, unique in every way. And it is natural that your thoughts will be different from your parents and your style of handling situations will not be like your siblings’ course of action.
    When it comes to mapping the functionalities of the brain, assessing mental strength and analyzing the depth of a character, you need expert help. You need a career counselor to guide you towards the right profession that aligns with your outside and inside character traits.
  1. False. Seniors often lack wisdom and knowledge of an experienced psychologists. They would rather guide you towards a course that has huge demand in the employment market. However, if money was the only factor, in choosing an occupation, every worker with a handsome salary should be happy and contented in life.
  1. False. Everything that glitters is not gold. This applies to young minds because they are attracted to occupations that offer high pay checks and a particular lifestyle. For instance, if you are thrilled to become a soldier but score less in your emotional intelligence test, there is high chance that your choice becomes a less powerful and rewarding career.
  1. False. Hobbies can be pursued as a career when you have the skills and trait related to your favorite pastime. If cooking is your hobby and you choose to become a chef, you should be prepared for working long hours in the kitchen. You need mental stamina for this field and you may lack if you are an outdoor person. Education counselors can judge your behavioral landscape and the skills required to turn your hobby into your dream profession.
  1. False. Your high score in a subject does not indicate your interest or proficiency in it. What you study in middle school is very basic and the level increases hundred times when you master it. Your reasoning skills and method of studying will indicate whether you have the capability of understanding the given subject. This can only be gauged through powerful tools like psychometric tests by career counselors.

What is career test?

Career test includes analytical questions pertaining to the right and left wing of the brain. Psychologists frame the test and are trained in checking the parameters for evaluating your personality. They expertise in clinical assessment of your orientation style that shows how you take decisions and comprehend a given situation. This helps in ascertaining your pattern of studying and analyzing problems.

They then map your cognitive skills, interpersonal skills, learning style and your areas of interests to create your work personality. This is the basic layout on which the career counselors match your work profile with the requirements of different fields and industry.

Hope you are not one of them regretting his/her choice of subjects. There may be many reasons why students choose a stream and then feel disappointed.

Because life is short. Why not take expert help from career counselors to find the right career that can help you live a life with no regrets.

Confused about your choice of career? Careeraptitudetest can help you make the right decision by testing your logical, analytical and other mechanical aptitude test topics. Get a glimpse of the actual test with the free psychometric test questions with an overview of various online aptitude test for career selection that we offer.

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