Which Affiliate Program Is The Best 2019

As it is very evident to everyone that one of the largest online industries is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has not only become a major source of income for millions of entrepreneurs, webmasters, and bloggers. Affiliate programs work as intermediaries between the affiliate marketers who will sell respective services and products and the merchant who provides those products and services as well as the affiliates programs.

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This serves as a powerful online merchandising concept for all the newbies’. In order to get their services and products to their consumers, many of the merchants work with various affiliates. I am sure you are well aware of the concept of affiliate marketing and how it is supposed to work. When a consumer purchases a product or a service using your affiliate link, you receive payment which is generally very high.

What Affiliate Marketing consist of ?

That being said, the dynamic process of affiliate marketing is not as simple as it seems or appears to be. The thumb rule to earning commission by promoting products and services when we talk about affiliate marketing is no different. As you may have already observed many of the affiliate programs. Each one consists of various attractive features that personally cater to your priorities as an affiliate marketer.

Therefore, it is important, to choose your affiliate program wisely before you completely dive in, this can involve not only timely commissions but also product options and customer service. You will continue to generate revenue just as long as your referred users stay with the company.

After one thoroughly understands and goes through the different affiliate programs, one can skillfully understand the popular tactic of a compelling an offer, to the right niche, at the right time and thereby promote the right product or service. Now let us take a look at what the best affiliate program is and understand the process behind this affiliate program. Amongst many of the affiliate programs which are present such as ShareASale, eBay Partner Network, Amazon Associates, Rakuten Linkshare and CJ affiliate, Clickbank proves to be the best one.


Clickbank is regarded as one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs that exclusively deals with digital products for example eBooks. It is true that with higher commission generated, more the popularity increases. Clickbank is one of the major affiliate programs that has not only been around for many years. It also has over 200 million customers. They possess a higher commission rate than other affiliate marketing programmes. Which is why they are extremely notable and extremely unforgettable.

How this particular affiliate program works is that they manage to feature a lot of different products to partner with, spreading across various categories particularly eBooks. Anyone can successfully create an online account with absolutely no signup fee. Thus this makes it great for startups. Another advantage is that they run a Clickbank University through which they are able to teach those who are new to the field the complete ins and outs of affiliate marketing. This site also proves advantageous as it allows for free singing up of people from all different occupations.

You will automatically gain access to the thousands of eBooks that are being sold by other members. The commission is far greater than many of the other affiliate networks. However, as most of the products for sale on Clickbank are eBooks. Even though they span several categories, most do not possess a name brand recognition and are comparatively low-quality offerings.

How do I sign up on Clickbank?

Now let us talk about how an individual can sign up on Clickbank. It is extremely simple, for you to become an affiliate marketer on Clickbank. There is no requirement for you to seek permission or purchase them. The only requirement you is to click on the promote button in order to become an affiliate and you will successfully have a platform in order to create your own account.

Great isn’t it? From there you will successfully receive an affiliate link, which will thereby allow you to advertise almost anywhere. The minute a person has clicked on this link provided and made a respective purchase, you will automatically gain a commission for that sale.

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Perks of Clickbank

Most of the other affiliate marketers require you to pay an initial amount before you sign on. However, by using Clickbank no amount is required to be paid at registration. In addition to this, there are no hidden charges. Thus this will not cost you a single penny, therefore making it extremely cost effective.

Another interesting plus point to this affiliate program is that you have the liberty and freedom to sell whatever you like. Initially, as a newcomer, you may often get scared of losing your earning.

However, this affiliate program always pays on time. Speaking of generating revenue, you need not to worry as this affiliate program offers you commission ranging from 10-75 per cent commission rate. This affiliate program is known to be one of the most user-friendly sites known. It is extremely simple, as one requires experience using this because almost everything is laid down for you. That being said before you sign up for the program, you need to remember that this process requires a lot of patience.Amongst Clickbank, there are numerous other affiliate programs that very renowned and popular.


This specific affiliate network has been around for about eighteen years. It is regarded as a significant affiliate program as it works with over 3,900 merchants, ranging from different products.

eBay Partner Network

eBay’s affiliate program is very much similar to Amazon’s affiliate network platform. In addition, this program has around 1.1 billion listings along with a vast spectrum of options to pick from.

In conclusion, factors such as your particular niche, business goals and your level of comfort with signing up with these affiliate programs. You will definitely find one or two of the above programs or networks fits best. All that matters as at the end of the day, is diversifying your affiliate networks.

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